Education Resources

Water WONDERS Webisodes
Join Professor Priscilla & Ricky Raindrop as they explore our water resources.  Parents and children can enjoy create science experiments along with them from items found around the house!
Join Professor Priscilla and Ricky Raindrop as they learn what a watershed is and how it works.  First grader Landon joins them to build his own watershed model.
Where does our drinking water come from?  Professor Priscilla and Ricky Raindrop explore the Floridan Aquifer and make a tasty edible aquifer.
The Amazing Magic Potion
Ricky Raindrop takes Professor Priscilla on a trip to the W.T. Bland Library in Mount Dora.  Read along with them as they discover two books on our precious water resources and how we can better take care of them.

Manatees of Lake County
Out on another field trip, Professor Priscilla and Ricky Raindrop answer questions about manatees from Megan and Carrie at the Fruitland Park library. Special thanks to the Fruitland Park Library for filming!

Water Conservation for Kids
Ricky Raindrop and Megan from the Fruitland Park library learn about water conservation and the water cycle with Professor Priscilla.  Special thanks to the Fruitland Park Library for filming!

Water Conservation for Adults
Maryann and Rachel provide tips for saving water indoors and outdoors.  Special thanks to Lakefront TV for filming!


The Water's Edge Podcasts
Host Maryann Krisovitch discusses various topics pertaining to the land and water resources managed by the Lake County Water Authority.

Maintaining a Proper Shoreline
Guest: Ron Hart
Shoreline vegetation is the last line of defense between your lake an pollution.  Learn best practices for creating a beneficial habitat and protecting your lake from polluted runoff.
Prescribed Fire 
Guest: Ben Gugliotti
Fire is an important part of many ecosystems.  We discuss just what it takes to properly manage a fire-dependent habitat.
Lake County Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol
Guest: Sgt. Matt Farner
Lake County has 1,400 lakes and miles of rivers,  the Marine Patrol Deputies help keep us safe.  Discover what you need to be safe and legal on the waterways.


Manatee Education Resources
The LCWA donated education packets to Lake County's third grade classes.  Below are links to the contents of those packets along with additional resources. 
Introduction Letter to Educators
Video: Manatees in Lake County.  Filmed at Lake Griffin State Park Special thanks to the Fruitland Park Library for filming the interview!
Manatee Facts Flash Cards
FWC Manatee Activity Booklet
Are you smarter than your 3rd grader quiz for students to test their parents
How to Draw a Manatee
Save the Manatee Club Activity Sheet
Manatee Fact Sheet
Manatee Reading List for Young Readers
Manatee Coloring Pages
How to Make  a Manatee Puppet
A Boater's Guide to Living with Florida Manatees
Guidelines for Protecting Native Wildlife - Florida Manatees
Florida Manatees: A Florida Treasure
Where are Florida's Manatees?


Links to Additional Manatee Information
Save the Manatee Club
Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
Webcams from Blue Spring State Park &Webcams from Blue Spring State Park &  Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park (From Save the Manatee Club)